Kernel and system tweaks with STweaks for EPRJ-CM10.1


Hello again to everybody.

Today I want to show you my custom kernel for Kholk CM10.1. It’s not technically a custom kernel as the actual kernel is a B708 from Huawei, is just the ramdisk that is a bit tuned to solve a couple of bugs.

I’m using it to speed up a little the phone, it works only with that ROM so don’t flash this kernel on EMUI ROM!!

I just did some scripts that runs at boot time that are able to change some kernel settings at boot time and when the screen is off.

What I did is justĀ enableĀ init.d and cron.d and port the script from the galaxy s2 as I wanted to give us a proper Linux experience for our device, hoping someone will help me improving the efficiency of my work.

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