Glad to be back with an unlocked bootloader 🙂

So it’s time to start from scratch to compile CM and Recovery from source.

This is a beta version with few small bugs but usable, and functional.

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Geno recovery menu for non-chinese

I need to give credit to SoreX for doing this job. This time I’m merely copying and just fixing some little errors.

(1) Reboot System now
(2) Install ZIP from SD card
(3) Install ZIP from sideload
(4) Wipe data / factory reset
(5) Wipe Cache
(6) Backup and restore
(7) Flash Memory / format
(8) Advanced Settings
(9) Turn off the phone
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Recovery partition


We have got only 2 recoveries so far:

  • Genokolar
  • Official stock

What I discovered is not encouraging at all… Like the boot partition that has the reserved partition as digital signature, also for the recovery we have something similar. In fact we have a 800 Bytes header that works as Huawei digital signature, just before the magic number ANDROID! (always at the very beginning of the boot.img).
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