ROM dump – make your own ROM part 1

Have you ever wondered what’s inside the ROMs of Sorex, LavX or Mauro?
Do you want to start building your own ROM from stock Huawei?

Maybe it’s time for you to get more into ROM development and start building your own ROM…
First Thing you should think is: can I trust the ROM developer is making the ROM?

So if you fear for the safety of your custom ROM, maybe it’s time to consider becoming a DEV 😉

In this first guide I’ll show you how to make a perfect dump of your ROM partitions that can be used also for recover from soft brick.
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Boot image


Let’s just talk a bit about what we know of the kernel of our device…
Our device use a common boot.img that we can see on lots of Android devices but in our device is impossible to edit because of the locked bootloader.
So far, we know for sure that every time you want to flash a boot.img, you also need to flash the partition reserved with what we think is the Huawei digital signature of the boot.img file.
Let’s just say that reverse engineering the reserved partition is something than can be made only by a very good hacker, and even in this case s/he should be very lucky 😦 So probably is better wait until Huawei will unlock our bootloader like it did with other devices.
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