[TOOL] U9508 Bootloader Unlock – B707 Fastboot V3


A small tool to easily unlock U9508 Bootloader and flash any custom kernel/recovery!

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Kernel and system tweaks with STweaks for EPRJ-CM10.1


Hello again to everybody.

Today I want to show you my custom kernel for Kholk CM10.1. It’s not technically a custom kernel as the actual kernel is a B708 from Huawei, is just the ramdisk that is a bit tuned to solve a couple of bugs.

I’m using it to speed up a little the phone, it works only with that ROM so don’t flash this kernel on EMUI ROM!!

I just did some scripts that runs at boot time that are able to change some kernel settings at boot time and when the screen is off.

What I did is just enable init.d and cron.d and port the cortexbrain-tune.sh script from the galaxy s2 as I wanted to give us a proper Linux experience for our device, hoping someone will help me improving the efficiency of my work.

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[ROM] CleanROM B705 v1.1 by MoiZie

Immagine senza nome

This ROM is based on the official B705 update.

As you will see while installing this ROM you will face the customizable AROMA installer. With this little software that runs inside the recovery you won’t need to do a lot of customization to your ROM inside the chinese recovery.

Known Issues

You tell me…


Added Features in v1.1
Clock is fixed
Keyboard is fixed
Added Google KitKat 4.4 apps
Added Nexus 5 styles, including bootlogo

Added Features in v1.0
Removed some Theme settings / Themes
Added UI elements / sounds (from Cyanogenmod and MIUI)
GPS fix by LavX
Google Apps
Removed almost all unnecessary Chinese apps
Removed some unnecessary music samples and pictures
Matchnum=8 in build.prop (fix unrecognised numbers)
Apex Launcher
ES File explorer



cleanb705.zip (392.7 MB)

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Build.prop analysis

Hello to everybody.

Today I would like to tell you the story of build.prop 😉
Build.prop act as a part of the Windows registry, so inside it we can find some variable, which some apps rely on.

Every day we hear about people that find amazing tweaks for this file that make the phone more responsive, more battery-friendly, able to open our can of beer, and so on…

So today I want to be a mythbuster, firstly showing you what Jeff Mixon did. Take a look here and here before following in reading.

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[ROM] Mangusta-B550v1.1 with Aroma


This ROM is both a stock B550 as from Huawei and a custom ROM. So let’s just say that this could be a way to update your phone without using Huawei recovery, or install a nice and personalized ROM.

How is it possible? Let’s introduce the AROMA installer. With this little software that run over the recovery you won’t need to do a lot of passage to customize your ROM inside a chinese recovery.

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