CM11 – Work in progress…


Well Happy New Year everybody… here is a screenshot of this new year project…. thanks to papsi for the kernel, but still need a lot of work…

What’s not working



button backlight

What’s working

GSM signal



maybe gps?

Here some helpful links

for all the files outside the vendor and device folders (I personally removed the “ifdef k3v2 boards else” in order to keep just the modification surdupetru did for our architecture…

Mega links to my device tree and vendor tree!zI8WCDyZ!KWamE-HGfbME4P846ZHaogyyksupKsT3HaJZ_Q1ieR0
well if you want to give it a try to solve the audio issue here is the system image and boot image!yRECnBJQ!pGUkP9eDAY3xsF6WRXkwZuzYygdnzY_bgYjPDeh7mME!2VkVUQqC!TdEEDZbmkDN-glnIjhCIJO6WGa_ir_6OB88zej9_7vo

[ROM] Unofficial CyanogenMOD 10.1

Unofficial CyanogenMOD 10.1 for Huawei U9508 / G615.

At this stage we are including a lot from Huawei, like kernel and HAL. The aim is to rewrite part of the code to make the ROM closer to AOSP standards, including the less binaries from Huawei that we can.

Please use TWRP to install as chinese geno recovery is old and buggy so it won’t be supported.

This rom must be installed with a custom recovery and requires an unlocked bootloader.

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How to unpack UPDATE.APP from Huawei


Hi to everyone!!! Today I have just finished a script for making ROM development easier… I was trying using Android Kitchen from XDA-Developer and I was disappointed when there were the chance to unpack the UPDATE.APP of u8220 and not of our phone… So after few little changes now we have a good script 😉

So far we can unpack system.img perfectly and it is mountable too. For the other partitions it looks like we have some work to do. Cache, Cust and Userdata don’t mount, boot.img has some bytes at the beginning that I’m not sure what they are…
I completely fixed the fileHash but I probably won’t be able to fix the CRC check…

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