Glad to be back with an unlocked bootloader 🙂

So it’s time to start from scratch to compile CM and Recovery from source.

This is a beta version with few small bugs but usable, and functional.

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HOWTO: make USB-OTG work

Thanks to itzik1 we now have a full guide for USB-OTG. Don’t try to complaint as we are sure this works 😉

It looks like some Chinese guys from http://bbs.anzhi.com/thread-6102077-1-13.html figured out how to make USB-OTG works.
I know it isn’t the best idea but until we will have power output from USB this looks like the only solution.

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Geno recovery menu for non-chinese

I need to give credit to SoreX for doing this job. This time I’m merely copying and just fixing some little errors.

(1) Reboot System now
(2) Install ZIP from SD card
(3) Install ZIP from sideload
(4) Wipe data / factory reset
(5) Wipe Cache
(6) Backup and restore
(7) Flash Memory / format
(8) Advanced Settings
(9) Turn off the phone
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Recovery partition


We have got only 2 recoveries so far:

  • Genokolar
  • Official stock

What I discovered is not encouraging at all… Like the boot partition that has the reserved partition as digital signature, also for the recovery we have something similar. In fact we have a 800 Bytes header that works as Huawei digital signature, just before the magic number ANDROID! (always at the very beginning of the boot.img).
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Boot image


Let’s just talk a bit about what we know of the kernel of our device…
Our device use a common boot.img that we can see on lots of Android devices but in our device is impossible to edit because of the locked bootloader.
So far, we know for sure that every time you want to flash a boot.img, you also need to flash the partition reserved with what we think is the Huawei digital signature of the boot.img file.
Let’s just say that reverse engineering the reserved partition is something than can be made only by a very good hacker, and even in this case s/he should be very lucky 😦 So probably is better wait until Huawei will unlock our bootloader like it did with other devices.
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