CM-10.1 UNOFFICIAL beta2

First of all thanks everybody involved for contributing on this project, especially Marco (mangusta86) and Tomas (deadoldman)!

The main fixes and optimizations are applied in the build.prop and taken from my research, mostly from XDA. So, thanks to all of them.

Also thanks to all the good people in the #cyanogenmod-dev irc channel.

This one is my first rom ever and based on mangusta86’s last beta release from August 2014. I reconstructed the last beta, because the device tree on Github is not up to date to it yet. I also didn’t have had the time to commit all the fixes I made, because I did it manually after the succeded build by diffing my zip with the latest beta. 😉

Fixed (most things you can find in the comments):

– Shutdown reboots in recovery
– Long boot time
– Mediascanner bug fixed? (first boot runs perfectly with 32gb sd-card (20gb used). mediascanner process was active for 20-25 minutes and then finished)
– Phone doesn’t heat up that much
– Very poor gui performance
– Overall performance and responsiveness (every app on my phone runs fast like hell now, especially Firefox loads websites super fast. I have Xposed-Framework and XPrivacy installed, which makes the system a bit slower by design, but this isn’t noticable anymore)
– Battery life (after two days and three hours I still have 38% now, depends on your usage..)
– MTP is usable and fast now

Install over the last beta release with no data loss:

Things like XPrivacy have to be installed again and Adaway has to overwrite the hosts file again, because they change files in /system and get lost with the wipe.

– Wipe /system
– Flash zip file
– Flash google apps (or you’ll stuck at the Huawei logo!) [ Download: – MD5: 5f22f046e37038a3856eeb825e73d4ed ]
– Wipe /cache and dalvik-cache
– Reboot

As mentioned above, the phone will be not that smooth in the first minutes, because mediascanner is working. Just plug in the power cord, grab a beer and wait until it’s done).

After the first boot enable developer options in Menu -> About the phone by tapping seven times onto the Build-Number. Go back and into the new menu entry developer options. Search for 1. Window Animation Scale, 2. Transition Animation Scale & 3. Animator Duration Scale and set their values from 1.0x to 0.5x. This will make the gui much smoother.

If you still find any bugs, please post a comment here.

synthor 🙂


MD5: 8d3671fea5a25c889023a2c818d8d06a


94 thoughts on “CM-10.1 UNOFFICIAL beta2

  1. Great news 🙂 Thanks for your work !

  2. For your hard work and time spent the least I can do is try it many thanks

  3. Just to be sure this is fully working and good for daily use?

    • It is running great on my phone since ten days.

      Give it a try and feedback to us, if you find anything that’s not working.

      • signal meter still buggy, sometimes apears the 3g, but not the bars, pulling down notification a little repairs it till next fail…

        mtp works the same, works, but for little files, when
        you copy a lot of data from phone, it hangs..

        time for boot…. same as any other modded kernel… boot process is slow in this rom. same as any other…
        If you want to avoid this, use stock kernel

      • I have to say that I use Ubuntu Linux. And my mtp problems (folders load, if they do, very slow and sometimes i even couldn’t get access to internal memory or the sd-card, only errors and a reboot helped).

        Here in Cologne, Germany where we have a good network coverage by the providers it works fine, it’s only behaving strange when I’m in buildings where the signal isn’t so strong.

        Have you tried to change the network mode? Atm. I’m in GSM/WCDMA (preferred).

        Boottime was about 3 minutes before, now about 2. That’s a bit shorter. I don’t often boot my phone, so I didn’t investigated further what’s causing the long boot.

        Does anyone know how fast it was booted with stock rom? I don’t remember…

        Thanks for your hints. 🙂

      • Btw. I’ve read, that enabling usb-debugging can help with mtp problems…

      • its not a signal problem, I have coverage and signal stregth is not shown, is black with no gray in bars like when I dont have coverage. when I pull the notification bar, in the boxes, signal is good, and when I turn notification bar up, the signal stregth works again (Its only a graphics problem)

        mtp… I use linux too… gentoo, it works bad. as same as mangusta’s rom.
        In windows, on my works pc works bad too, with debugging and without it…

      • Has anyone else these problems?

        I really can’t reproduce it here. I can enable 2G/3G, airplan mode and disable them, it never shows no icon. Only the normal behavior…maybe a factory reset can help you?

        libmtp9 is version 1.1.6-20-g1b9f164-1ubuntu2 on my Ubuntu 14.04 machines, maybe the Canonical guys have a fix in their package which you don’t have? Can you boot a Ubuntu live-cd in a virtual machine and test it? Would be interesting, if it would work there… 🙂

        Bad performance with many small files is an i/o problem, even ssd drives don’t reach their full speed when reading/writing many small files…

        My DCIM folder contains 250-300 pictures/videos and is loaded in 1-2 seconds.

      • From class 10 sd-card!

      • I shut my phone down.

        Booted it up.

        In <60 seconds it was booted… ^^

      • Tested again:

        20:54:41 boot
        20:55:20 cm logo
        20:54:42 enter pin

      • Damn c&p errors…has to be

        20:55:42 enter pin

      • 27 seconds to load 1114 files (4.7gb), 14 are fhd videos (1.2gb) the rest, photos in 8mp.
        my sdcard is an scandisk ultra 16gb, class-10 too.

        mtp works good, but its not stable, Try to copy a lot of files and tell me.
        the problem is when you copy from the phone, to the pc.

        the boot time, the problem is in the “post”, the huawei logo. it delay aproximatly 30 seconds, with stock kernel, 3 seconds… I dont know why

      • That’s really interesting with the kernel.

        Btw. do you know which kernel is used in this one and who baked it? I asked Marco but didn’t get an answer…

        I’ll check that with copying many files to the device and back, but first I’ll take a bath now. 😀

  4. Thanks, I’ll test it after my class. 😁

  5. testing it right now…

    I will coment

  6. great thankssss
    plz & i hope you remove wifi country code

  7. The mediascanner bug is still very annoying but I believe the xposed media scanner module can be very helpful otherwise this ROM seems way too fast and stable very nice job
    Thanks again

    • I googled this and found a video from XDA about the Xposed media scanner module (search for »Optimize Your Media Scanner – XDA Xposed Tuesday« in Youtube).

      But the guy says that it wouldn’t help if you have a huge amount of data to scan.

      So you just have to wait the first time until it’s done. Every other scan runs faster and isn’t noticable anymore…

    • Which class is your sd-card?

      My 32gb is class 10, so they guarantee that it’ll write 10mb/s continously. Reads are a lot of faster…

    • Confirmed.

      Now after two reboots the mediascanner was active for ~10 minutes again.

      I’ll try the xposed module and disable the startup scans.

    • I’ve installed the xposed media scanner module. It works great. 🙂

    • Heh, now with the xposed module I have the MTP problem again!

      This morning I couldn’t access internal or external storage with my pc/laptop. Tried to reboot the phone, doesn’t help.

      Then I disabled the xposed media scanner module, rebooted the phone and voilá I got access via MTP…

  8. Nice! but when I turn the phone into vibration mode it vibrates just fine, but when I have it in normal mode(sound on) it still vibrates. I have to turn the vibration mode off in the app itself, but then it won’t vibrate anymore in vibration mode. Maybe you could take a look at this 🙂

    • I always have my phones in vibration only mode. 😀

      Anyone can confirm this?

    • Check your sound profile.
      My phone uses normal, vibration and silence.
      In normal, disable the option vibration, so the phone make noice and no vibration. When you press vol- to vibrate, the phone vibrate perfectly

      • Yes that is exactly what I want. Only sound and no vibration in normal mode, but I can’t find the setting that disables vibration in normal mode. Could you explain to me where to find it ?

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  10. My phone is working really good now bro really fast and responsive and the most consuming process is no longer the mediascanner but for me what made it work was that module because after that I didn´t even had any ringtones but after the first sucessful scan the phone is very very fast.
    btw my sdcard is a 16g class 10

  11. As far i can see, the rom is good. I remember that the problem with the previous rom was the battery drain and the ram manager. I hope that your rom wil be better than the previous! thank you for your job

    • I have no battery problems anymore with my beta2.

      Install watchdog lite and let us know, maybe you’ll find the app/process which is causing this.

    • Free RAM is one of the next things on my todo list. But I think it also depends on the kernel, so let’s see what we can do here.

  12. which tool do you use to flash? TWRP?

  13. I have a problem with SD, Im activate the external storage, but the apps don´t install on this, all are installed on internal storage, maybe I don´t know how to activate, any solution?

  14. Does it need bootloader unlocked?

  15. I’m getting errors when installing the rom:
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == ”
    any suggestions?

    • Have you edited the build.prop with Windows Notepad in the .zip before flashing?

      If yes, you’re linefeeds are messed up. Save the file as plain text with a better texteditor (scite, notepad++, whatever…).

      • Going to lose about one week of /system customization s and tweaks….but this ROM is worth it
        Ill try it and tell you my opinion (s)

      • Didn’t change anything in build.prop. What do I have to change?

      • I just edited the update script to not check for ro.product.device
        I was then able to install.

      • Same here….wasn’t able to flash until i erased assert lines…..
        Anyway….Good ROM slightly more responsive than the old Cm10.1. With a little bit high score in Antutu with 80~100 point differance

      • @Michael

        Which file(s) did you edit to resolve the error? What has to be commented out?

  16. Thanks for your work. I’ll update right now

  17. Having A problem , I flashed it but it keeps restarting and going to the cyanogenmod logo !
    What shall I do?

  18. Having a problem ! Keeps restarting and going to cyanogenMod on keylock,,
    need help please!

  19. Thanks Synthor85! Could flash your ROM without modifying anything (flashed over Mangusta’s last version). Runs smoothly thus far and will provide feedback if I notice any bugs (Signal bars are fine on my phone as well btw).

  20. I have the last beta version, but when i try to install its fail, I have the ZIP files on the extarnel SD card

  21. I get this error trying to install over Batty B709 2.1.

    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “u9508″|| getprop (“”) == “u9505” || (repeat 8 times or so with different product codes)
    And than
    Error in /external_sd?
    Status 7.

    I got this G615, 1 gb ram etc. Not a honor 2.

  22. I can’t flash to, error:
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == ”
    and i can’t understand what i doing wrong.
    Install over the last beta release

  23. Because your recovry chick zip file signature verification
    to instal this rom you have th change your recovry with other recovry like (twrp) this recovry can skip chick verification
    sorry for my bad eng.

  24. Hi Synthor85,
    just found a potential bug but not sure yet as to what triggers it. I have lost all audio a few times and only get it back to work via reboot.
    For instance I just listened to Music and afterwards sound across the device was gone, i.e. the phone would also not ring or play notifications anymore.
    One option is that somehow the headset plug could trigger something.
    Hope you can help.
    Thanks in advance.

    • This is the same problem which we have with CM11 atm. 😉

      Which music player app have you used when this happened?

      I use XiiaLive and it works fine. Can you give it a try?

      Haven’t had this error on 10.1, anyone else?

      Thanks for the info! 🙂

      • I’ve tried to reproduce by switching between music and other media apps and plugging in/out the earbuds but not success. I am currently thinking if it has anything to do with how many days the phone has been running without a reboot.
        In any case, I am using Neutron Player and MX Player Pro for media files (Smartlauncher2 and Bottom-up slider from same developer – very recommendable btw).
        Otherwise the ROM is running great and many thanks for your hard work on this!

  25. This rom works like a charm. Thank you!

  26. I might say that I find the instructions to install TWRP recobery my u9508

  27. after installing the rom how long to start or exit cyanogenmod logo

    • With CM10.1 it shows ~41 seconds long the Huawei logo and then for nearly twenty seconds the CyanogenMod animation. So the phone boots up in about one minute.

  28. Ami me the error also appears in the music reprosuctores probrare with which recommended

  29. Sorry for the noob question, but can you provide some pointers on how to install this? I never installed a ROM on my phone before and I really want to try CM

  30. Hello, great job.
    But I did everything by means of the TWRP recovery, wiped system, flashed ROM and gapps, wiped the two caches, but I got stuck at the cyamogenmod logo… I let it go for hours, no way…

    Any input?
    Thank you in advance

  31. Hello, great job!
    Sorry, but myself, I got stuck after installing it onto my G615.
    It gets stuck at the Cyanogenmod spinning logo.

    Apparently I did it all right:
    ..installed TWRP
    ..launched the TWRP
    .wiped the system
    .installed the ROM from SD
    .installed the Gapps
    .wiped the two caches

    I read about the mediascanner thing, but the first time I have supplied the phone and waited all night long – still the blue spinning logo was there.

    I followed the process again, just to make sure – same result
    I tried removing my 32Gb SD card to cut the scan short – no improvement.

    Also, a little overheating surfaces after a while (should be normal, if the memory circuit is active, correct?).

    Sorry for annoying, but… any idea?
    Thank you upfront

    • The mediascanner isn’t working on boot, it will start after the boot succeeded. So don’t worry about mediascanner when your phone doesn’t get up…

      Try to do every step again, this weekend I could flash cm11, but it didn’t boot. So I just made excactly the same again and voilá, it booted.

      With CM10.1 it shows ~41 seconds long the Huawei logo and then for nearly twenty seconds the CyanogenMod animation. So the phone boots up in about one minute.

      No need to let it run longer! Open up the backside, remove battery and try again.

      You also can try to just flash CM10.1, boot it up and after successful boot, run twrp again to flash Gapps.

      You’re not annoying, don’t worry about asking questions. 🙂

      • Thank you! Well, it was as easy as you wrote: after one further wipe (this time everything but the SD, just to be sure) I simply first flashed the CM10.1 ONLY, and THEN, after the first boot was successful (Cyanogenmod account setup and nothing more), I rebooted, entered TWRP again, flashed the Gapps, and re-booted. Voilà!
        So far so good, only to report is that the camera once failed startup (maybe too much mediascanner ongoing caused overheating in the SD area, which is very close to the back camera).

  32. When will the cm11 be ready 😦

    • Faster, if you help us solving the bugs. ^^

      I have had a bad flu and was laying in bed for a week, we’re working as hard as we can on it!

      • Hi Synthor,
        hope you have fully recovered from the flu. Is the CM11 at a stage where I can beta test but will not run into too severe bugs that prevent me from using the phone? I have plenty of time in the coming weeks and could do lots of bug reporting 🙂

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  34. This ROM works perfectly for my needs. No FC, decent battery life (1½ days), stable and realiable. Thank you, thank you!

  35. This ROM works nicely, but I had to install it twice. It worked for one day and then it rebooted, worked for 20s and rebooted again and was stuck on that. My previous ROM had fixed the volume button thing where when you press the button once, the volume changes a lot. I wonder if it would be possible to add on this too. Thank you for this!

  36. Found another bug: paused during music listening via built-in button of the earphones (Android compatible). After that the player would not resume playing anymore (nor did other music players) and reboot was needed.

  37. when will be the next release of the updated room with the above fixes?

  38. Please can somebody help me? I wanted to install the ROM but TWRP is required, so I’ve installed flashify app from the store. I chose “recovery image” and installed the .img file of TWRP (found in this website). I’ve shut down my phone; i try to turn it on, but only appears the huawei logo and nothing else happens. I’ve tried to press volume up+turn on button but only appear the logo. What can i do?

  39. Can anybody check whether the a2dp audio stutter problem still persists (When playing audio via Bluetooth receiver or headset, and the device is neither charging nor has it’s screen active, audio stutters at least after a couple of minutes of continuous playing)

  40. Any updates for this Rom?

    • Not from me. I was needed in other important projects at work.

      No time even to check papsi’s emails…

      • Hi synthor,

        I ran a batty86-rom before but phone iverheated and battery was empty within hours (already replaced the battery). I tried to flash your rom but it still stucks in the bootloop.
        I followed your instructions but had a status 7 and then a status 6 error. I was able to solve both but the phone still is in bootloop. Any idea why this is the case?
        By the way. I am using a chinese recovery-image as I couldn’t find an english one.
        Do I need to unlock the bootloader?

        Many thanks and regards.


  41. Hey Synthor i would ask if u can give me a direct contact to u cause i’ve to keep update posts about CM10.1 and CM11 on Androidiani. An hangout would be great!

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