CM11 – Work in progress…


Well Happy New Year everybody… here is a screenshot of this new year project…. thanks to papsi for the kernel, but still need a lot of work…

What’s not working



button backlight

What’s working

GSM signal



maybe gps?

Here some helpful links

for all the files outside the vendor and device folders (I personally removed the “ifdef k3v2 boards else” in order to keep just the modification surdupetru did for our architecture…

Mega links to my device tree and vendor tree!zI8WCDyZ!KWamE-HGfbME4P846ZHaogyyksupKsT3HaJZ_Q1ieR0
well if you want to give it a try to solve the audio issue here is the system image and boot image!yRECnBJQ!pGUkP9eDAY3xsF6WRXkwZuzYygdnzY_bgYjPDeh7mME!2VkVUQqC!TdEEDZbmkDN-glnIjhCIJO6WGa_ir_6OB88zej9_7vo

129 thoughts on “CM11 – Work in progress…

  1. Perhaps sooner GTA V will be released on PC than your version

    • You’re not funny, kid.

      If you would help us, we already would have a working CM11.

      Now, go playing GTA V again…

  2. Birds are twittering, that CM11 will be released this week, for non-donators too. πŸ˜‰

    • The question is with which bugs

      • As I know, I test the last beta that I know, works really great, but no gps, no wifi theatering and no fm radio. The rest are very minor bugs. And run really faster than any JB rom.
        Im really happy with the rom, but I dont have the kernel source.
        That kernel have at least 2 months old. Maybe juri and marco fix any of the bugs…
        Wait and collaborate if you understand how to, thats the way the world works….

  3. I will gladly collaborate in any way I can help with

    • Unfortunately, my Russian isn’t what it’s used to be, and Google Translate isn’t any help either.
      Any chance that the ROM could be provided on an English website?

      • Ok, with the hints from sb76 I was able to download the ROM.
        Thanks everybody for your great work and dedication!

    • Many thanks Papsi first of all!!!
      Could you please help me in figuring out how to download:
      I have tried translating and clicking through the sponsor sites but never get to the download itself without being asked to pay even if I choose the ad version (or a “you are not logged in error comes up).
      Thanks again!

      • Managed to download – was a bit worried to use the installer from the website but did a custom installation of it and unselected all listed elements. Flashing now and looking forward to experience your great work! Thanks!

  4. well now we just need to find out how to root it besides that is a great job many thanks papsi

  5. Cant seem to get it to download. Does anybody has instructions for it?

  6. yaaaaaahhhh what abuot google app’s i’m abuot to cry.

  7. gapps is easy bro just search in google for gapps 4.4.4
    I prefer the minimal package

  8. thank u pro god place u i’ll try

  9. thank u again that’s work great how abuot root?

  10. Found a bug: Changing notification panel will result in Settings to close.
    Otherwise fast and am grateful for your work!
    Had to install Rom a few times though to get it to work somehow and micro Gapps 4.4.4 didn’t work – guess my phone is bitchy 😊
    Had to use Standard 4.4.2 version.

  11. for me the minimal gapps worked well but is virtually impossible to root it.
    Is my believe that it can only be related to the kernel and in that case we will have to wait for papsi again

    • In two days i will ..Now not possible, just wait please..

      • I think ill reflash it via TWRP because it will tell me again if i want to root or not….besides that every thing is working great except video recording….any help ?
        EDIT : root through recovey didn’t work….
        Still waiting for video recording fix

  12. I found one big problems (for me). Sometime when I press lock my phone and press power button to unlock again, my phone do not wake the screen up (black screen) & blacklight button still light up normally. I don’t know why?


    PS: Sorry for my bad English. πŸ˜€

  13. I have installed it i not working gps

    • Pepsi mentioned in the notes to this release that GPS, WiFi tethering and something else that I can’t remember right now doesn’t work.
      So, known bug.

  14. Can someone write sms in HiSuite ??

  15. Thanks so much for making this ROM. Im lookin forward to the gps fix, without it this ROM is no use for me sadly πŸ™‚

  16. can anyone give us a direct link to download ?? please! i cant understand russian and it is very hard to take the rom for me. thanks

  17. Does anybody also have issues with the mobile data connection not working? Wifi is fine but outside the house no connectivity. Thanks for any tips.

    • It has happened to me once too
      A reboot solves it

      • Thanks for the tip.
        I rebooted before without success. I then recalled that I am manually switching on and off Airplane mode since Llama is not doing so since I upgraded to CM11.
        I then switched on and off Airplane mode and somehow this triggered the mobile data connection to snap back.
        Thanks again since you helped me finding the solution.

  18. as I can download the rom

  19. So, a week ago or something, after a lot of guesswork, I was able to download the rom from the russian web site. Appearantly an update was released, but I seem to not be able to reuse my Account to download the rom again. What’s going on? Any news on a download mirror?

  20. I can’t log in and if I’m clicking the retrieve password thingy it tells me i don’t have enough right to go to that area. What a horrible site is this?

  21. Any progress on the audio issue?
    Beside this I would say it is a wonderful ROM for every day use!

  22. I am afraid this ROM is dead, right?
    Too bad that you were not able to get the volume and GPS fixed. It really could have been a useful ROM…

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