CM-10.1 UNOFFICIAL beta2

First of all thanks everybody involved for contributing on this project, especially Marco (mangusta86) and Tomas (deadoldman)!

The main fixes and optimizations are applied in the build.prop and taken from my research, mostly from XDA. So, thanks to all of them.

Also thanks to all the good people in the #cyanogenmod-dev irc channel.

This one is my first rom ever and based on mangusta86’s last beta release from August 2014. I reconstructed the last beta, because the device tree on Github is not up to date to it yet. I also didn’t have had the time to commit all the fixes I made, because I did it manually after the succeded build by diffing my zip with the latest beta. 😉

Fixed (most things you can find in the comments):

– Shutdown reboots in recovery
– Long boot time
– Mediascanner bug fixed? (first boot runs perfectly with 32gb sd-card (20gb used). mediascanner process was active for 20-25 minutes and then finished)
– Phone doesn’t heat up that much
– Very poor gui performance
– Overall performance and responsiveness (every app on my phone runs fast like hell now, especially Firefox loads websites super fast. I have Xposed-Framework and XPrivacy installed, which makes the system a bit slower by design, but this isn’t noticable anymore)
– Battery life (after two days and three hours I still have 38% now, depends on your usage..)
– MTP is usable and fast now

Install over the last beta release with no data loss:

Things like XPrivacy have to be installed again and Adaway has to overwrite the hosts file again, because they change files in /system and get lost with the wipe.

– Wipe /system
– Flash zip file
– Flash google apps (or you’ll stuck at the Huawei logo!) [ Download: – MD5: 5f22f046e37038a3856eeb825e73d4ed ]
– Wipe /cache and dalvik-cache
– Reboot

As mentioned above, the phone will be not that smooth in the first minutes, because mediascanner is working. Just plug in the power cord, grab a beer and wait until it’s done).

After the first boot enable developer options in Menu -> About the phone by tapping seven times onto the Build-Number. Go back and into the new menu entry developer options. Search for 1. Window Animation Scale, 2. Transition Animation Scale & 3. Animator Duration Scale and set their values from 1.0x to 0.5x. This will make the gui much smoother.

If you still find any bugs, please post a comment here.

synthor 🙂


MD5: 8d3671fea5a25c889023a2c818d8d06a


CM11 – Work in progress…


Well Happy New Year everybody… here is a screenshot of this new year project…. thanks to papsi for the kernel, but still need a lot of work…

What’s not working



button backlight

What’s working

GSM signal



maybe gps?

Here some helpful links

for all the files outside the vendor and device folders (I personally removed the “ifdef k3v2 boards else” in order to keep just the modification surdupetru did for our architecture…

Mega links to my device tree and vendor tree!zI8WCDyZ!KWamE-HGfbME4P846ZHaogyyksupKsT3HaJZ_Q1ieR0
well if you want to give it a try to solve the audio issue here is the system image and boot image!yRECnBJQ!pGUkP9eDAY3xsF6WRXkwZuzYygdnzY_bgYjPDeh7mME!2VkVUQqC!TdEEDZbmkDN-glnIjhCIJO6WGa_ir_6OB88zej9_7vo