Unofficial CyanogenMOD 10.1 for Huawei U9508 / G615.

At this stage we are including a lot from Huawei, like kernel and HAL. The aim is to rewrite part of the code to make the ROM closer to AOSP standards, including the less binaries from Huawei that we can.

Please use TWRP to install even if chinese geno recovery is still supported is old and buggy so it won’t be supported.

This rom must be installed with a custom recovery and requires an unlocked bootloader.

New features

I managed to fix the camera app issue and introduced some “advanced settings” in the settings app hoping you can enjoy. Just look at the pictures 🙂

Camera app and advanced settings

What is working:

  • rild (proprietary) [xmm6260]
  • wifi
  • 3D acceleration (proprietary HW composer and surfaceflinger)
  • gps (proprietary) + SpeedFIX(port from galaxy Note)
  • sensors (proprietary) [akm8963, etc]
  • USB-tethering
  • lights (coded) (proprietary)
  • audio policy and playback (proprietary, that means the whole mediaserver from HUAWEI is included into the build)
  • camera (proprietary+skia patch)
  • mobile signal detection (coded rilclass)
  • mass storage (init.k3v2oem1.usb.rc)
  • bluetooth
  • battery stats
  • HD Video
  • 2G signal strength
  • camera app
  • Dolby background service


What is NOT working:

  • FM radio (MINOR)
  • long time booting (MINOR)
  • mediascanner on sdcard is buggy (CRITICAL and no idea how to fix it)

If you find any bugs as I will be away for a while just leave me an e-mail as probably I won’t be able to check wordpress frequently


Surdu_petru, papsi177, kholk, pelelademadera,MoiZie


Downloads 167.4 MB


You can find the device tree for compiling from source on github

Sources for last beta are not yet available… I will try to upload them by the end of the September



  1. How do I install it?

  2. can anyone make one rom with android 4.4? Please i want to have android kitkat en my huawei u9508

  3. No trabajas en resolver los problemas con la sd??

  4. ciao!
    non riesco ad installare la rom. mi da un warning in fase di installazione: “no file context” e alla fine mi scrive “script succedec: result was [/system]”

    qualche idea?

  5. Hello guys, why I can’t see my files on sdcard via gallery? Only with Explorer. Thanks.

  6. Buenas necesito saber si esta rom es compatible con Huawei ascend G615 U10

  7. Hey mangusta! Can you just upload the code? Maybe someone can put his hands on it… 😉
    Hope you’re all doing well!

  8. hi!
    can we still expect any updates? Just asking because I check on a regular basis 🙂 once again thanks for your great work!

  9. Pingback: G615 update auf 4.4.4 -

  10. I’m trying to set up my build environment and run a test build, but I’m having a syntax error in “unexpented sting »$'{\r’« in line 1 function hmm()

    Strange…just synced the repo. Any hints?

  11. People are waiting for the new lollipop out there
    And we are waiting for an update to unnoficial 4.2.2 custom rom
    🙂 sounds pretty good
    Expecting kitkat and maybe lollipop
    U got my support keep up the good work

    • Actually I believe that in few weeks we will have a cm11 ready to test, is on its way

    • Still better than the stock roms…

      I have a new build running on my phone since yesterday. Atm. everything runs very good and fast. 🙂

      I wrote down all changes and will commit them into git, so that when you build cyanogenmod 10.1 you’ll get a booting and stable version.

      Let me test it some more and then I can upload the current Zip with all the fixes we got since the last beta. 🙂

  12. hi folks.
    I use batty b709 v2.1 rom and want to flash the cm10.1. If I use U9508Unlock_v3.exe (debugging ist activated) I use option 1) Install b707 fastboot. The reboots are working but if I press 5 (check unlock status) the software alway tells me “locked” status. How do I install TWRP, is it an android app or another tool? Do you have a working link? Do I use custom_recovery_6.0.1.9_AscendHonor2 in order to flash`?

    kind regards for your help… beste75

    • Hi beste75
      You will have to unlock your bootloader
      Just google “unlock huawei u9508 bootloader”
      And no…do not use ascend_u9508_custom recovery…the only benefit you can get with is the ability to flash stock based roms …which is not the case of CM…use TWRP instead (Team Win Recovery Project….its a recovery tool not an app)
      I wish i could post you a link to another blog but it’s agains this blog rules….so i wish you good luck 🙂

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