[ROM] B709 V2.1 BY BATTY86


Custom rom for Huawei U9508 / G615, based on chinese B709 with Android 4.2.2 and N5 look.

This rom must be installed with a custom recovery and does NOT require an unlocked bootloader.

I’ve sold my Honor 2 a few weeks ago, but i decided to release one last rom, since this B709 is labelled as “stable”.

Without the phone, this rom is untested by me, but it was reported that it works good.


  • Official B709 changelog HERE
  • Multi-language, ad-free, busyboxed, rooted with Superuser by CWM
  • Chinese bloatware removed
  • Latest Nova Launcher as default launcher: fast, nice and highly customizable
  • AOSP lockscreen with 3-way unlock (no widget support), browser, calendar, email, clock, messaging
  • Nexus 5 boot animation, default wallpaper and ringtones
  • A couple of modified icons to invoke the Nexus 5 look
  • Base Gapps included, other apps can be downloaded for free on Play Store
  • Includes B509 Pmqos (for automatic overclocking)
  • Includes latest kernel and baseband
  • Removed WiFi country code check on boot
  • Please refer to screenshots to see what’s included!
  • (V2.1) Fixed FC with HwToolbox

For a clean install, please wipe data / cache in custom recovery BEFORE flashing!

Please do not link directly the rom, link this page instead, thank you.

>> Download <<

MD5: e80658dc4c50e64285519e903e38e8d8


HwDeskClock_B709 ->Flash this in custom recovery to replace Google Clock with Huawei Clock; it’s needed in order to have working alarm with device turned off and working scheduler.

Gallery2_B703 ->Flash this in chinese recovery if you want back the old camera and gallery app, from international B703 rom.

GenoRecovery installer v3 -> Installer for both chinese and official recovery, in english language and with updated adb and fastboot. All credits to the original developer, Genokolar.


Q: How do i install this rom?

A: Please refer to this page for the installation instructions of any custom rom.

Q: I have the rom Bxxx installed, can i flash this rom directly without wipe?

A: I don’t know, it should work if you come from a rom with the same Android version (4.2.2). I do always wipe, so i can’t be sure, just try and figure out yourself.

Q: I can’t find developer options, how can i enable usb debug?

A: Go into Settings, About Phone, and tap on Build Number many times to enable dev options.

Q: I have no notification toggles, what can i do?

A: In chinese recovery, wipe data/cache then reinstall the rom. If this isn’t working, in chinese recovery, format data/cache partitions, using option 7.9 and 7.10 in chinese recovery (follow this translation), then reinstall the rom.

Q: I noticed an excessive battery drain, what can i do?

A: You can try to flash the original rom (find it here) using the dload method, and then flash this rom again. The original rom installation will perform a battery calibration.

Q: There are many links in settings which don’t work, i.e. messaging-email-calendar ringtone selection, or lock screen shortcut selection.

A: That’s because i wasn’t able to fix the Settings.apk for the replaced apps, apktool won’t recompile it even if i don’t make any change. For the ringtones selection, you can change them inside messaging-email-calendar app, the lockscreen however is the standard android 4.1 lockscreen and can’t be edited, those links are referred to the emui lockscreen app. Any suggestion on how to modify the Settings.apk is welcome!

Q: How can i add more than one Google account?

A: You can add it under “Google Settings” –> “Google +” –> “Add account”


61 thoughts on “[ROM] B709 V2.1 BY BATTY86

  1. I installed this over the weekend and I’m really enjoying the refresh for my phone. Thanks very much for posting, this extends the usable life of my G615 another few months.
    I had to uninstall Google Search using Titanium before reinstalling it via the Pay Store. I think that’s an issue with Google Search, not your ROM. Otherwise had no problems.

  2. Hi Batty86,
    these are the new features out of the changelog, right? I didn’t find other things…
    – fix camera shooting function
    – when the other voice call recording fix minor problems
    – when searching repair phone contact, repeated contact problem of
    optimizing system stability
    – delete Hua windows application

    I don’t exactly know what point 2 and 3 really mean…

    I don’t know if I should try this ROM, because in ROM B708 I had some problems concerning ‘Google search’.

    Do you think, in this ROM there’s a chance that it works like in ROM B707?

    • The translation from chinese isn’t always understandable, maybe there were some problems regarding call recording and contact app that were fixed here.
      I know about the problem with Google Search, in B708 this bug was introduced by huawei, i don’t know what caused it, i hope they fixed it in B709 but i can’t test this rom.

  3. i am sad about you leaving us in the dark, once you sold your smartphone, so there will be no future roms and versions for us :S

    • I leave you with a better phone after all 😉 also, the recently released Cyanogenmod by Mangusta86 seems pretty good, and it’s in active development state, so i’m sure future roms will be a lot better than mine!

  4. Batty…what a pity that you don’t have any more the phone.Thank you very much for the roms you have make for us.I wish you luck men!

  5. Hi guys, I have a problem with installation of applications which come with this last ROM. If I install files .apk the system give an error message: “Out of space – ……. could not be installed. Free up some space and try again.” But I have a lot of free space” Internal: 1,8 GB, External 7 GB. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Thank you.

  6. did you let somewhere what you apply to the original ROM to reach that kind of clean one? details are welcome to be able to reproduce. Thank you

    • if you want to know just check yourself. Use http://meldmerge.org/ and compare batty’s rom with the original one. It’s very easy

      • Seriously ?

        Just need a tuto if possible, there is much more than a simple edition, some files are dropped, some scripts are used, if Moizie could as a last act for that community describes precisely what he does, I think we’ll all be grateful, at least I will.

        Thanks again.

      • I’m not joking. Just use that program and you will see. You didn’t even try so how can you reply. Just compare the system dir between the two ROMs and you will understand the differences

  7. Hey batty i have a little problem with the latest rom , the sim card is not recognized often , when i unlock the phone almost every morning it says the phone must be restarted in order the sim to function,and sometimes while speaking the sim vanishes and says the phone must be restarted, i know it might be a little late for ur support but if can give me an idea on how to fix this , i would be very gratefull 🙂 thank you in advance

    • I don’t think this problem belongs to the rom nor the phone, so if the problem is related to your sim card, you can try to replace it with a new one, or put a small piece of paper to keep the sim pushed down to the phone!

  8. Hi, there is no option to add more then one Gmail account, how can I fix it?

  9. Hi there, is GPS working now ?

  10. THE download link is not working

  11. Con queste ultime b708 e b709 ho un segnale troppo instabile, per caso potresti caricare se ce l’hai una baseband della b707 o anche b703..?

    • La baseband qui inclusa è la stessa della B709, ma in realtà l’avevo dumpata dalla B708 quando avevo ancora il telefono, e fai conto che risale, se non ricordo male, a settembre 2013. Diverse rom B7xx usano questa stessa baseband, non saprei per la B703; se vuoi provarla, dovrai scaricare la rom completa, estrarre la modemimage con huawei update extractor, e flasharla con fastboot!

  12. Hey , i cant found option where turn off vibrations of alarm . Can u help me ?

    • slide down the nodification bar,it must be there (a button to activate vibration alarm)

  13. Unable to install, with which it rec?

  14. Eccellente anche questa ROM, grazie per tutti i tuoi sBatty!! 🙂

  15. How to reset to default Nexus wallpaper?
    I changed the wallpaper and can’t find the original one 😦

    • It’s in the framework, so you’ll need to manually extract it, since the launcher has no wallpapers included! Or just look for it on google!

  16. Buenas! Alguien me podria decir como instalar esta rom…?

  17. Is there a kernel optimized for this altitude or is it the original kernel?

  18. How can I install orig. rom from this rom ?

  19. ciao come faccio a reinstallare una stock rom?

  20. hey batty are you alive? 😀

    • Yes i am!!! 😀 If you’re asking this because i don’t always answer to everybody, i have to admit, i don’t really like to answer always the same questions, expecially if i’d already gave an answer in the faqs. (Sorry guys!) 😀

  21. in your ROM B709 V2.1 is an app “lock screen” (on the middle screen shot below left) Where can I download this app?

    • I don’t know, sorry, i suppose it’s part of some other system apk but i can’t check it. But, there are many other apps on the play store to lock the screen!

    • type in google “lockscreen apk” and see what google say 😉

  22. Hi .
    First , thanks for the amazing rom , its absolotly amazing !

    Now… I have some problems…
    1. About the WiFi – it happens to when i open it and try to get back , it brings me back to the wifi page all over again , serveral times … Like 5-10 times until it reaches the real “back” button.
    2. So about the WiFi… Sometimes when i already connected to one network , andtry to connebt the other , the key just keep pressed on “connect” and the wifi is stuck for a 30 seconds… And reset itself(the wifi manager , not the whole device)

    3.Lock screen – How can i keep my pin the same pin(orthe pattern/password, whatever) saved without having to entering it every single time.
    4.Lock screen . when its on the Swipe to unlock mode im unable to open and change the quick menu.

    5. the “scheculed time on/off ” function that i cant enter to , crashed my settings menu.

    If i will have more i poat ir here , thanks.

    Need some advice how to get it done.

    • 1&2 – i don’t know, i never got such issue, maybe a clean install of the rom will solve it.
      3 – i don’t get what you mean, sorry! Any kind of password/pin is made to be re-entered every time the screen is turned back on, maybe there’s a timeout for this in the options, i don’t remember!
      4 – the shortcuts in the lockscreen are replaceable from the menu options only on my v1 rom, the lockscreen in the v2 is the standard android lockscreen.
      5 – you need to install the hwdeskclock as reported.

      • Thanks for your quick reply !
        Umm.. Ok if i will have the time and energy to reinstall everythinf it will bw good lol

      • hey batty…..one last please….can you give/upload the stock calendar apk to me? i lost the zip :(….
        i hate google calendar :/

        thx 4 youre work……
        you are a developer legend!!!! 😉

      • I don’t have the files on my pc anymore, sorry, you’ll have to download the whole B709v1 rom and replace the apk manually, or i can make a zip, when i can but in the next few days, if you prefer.

    • Batty can NOT make any roms 4 us!
      Batty sold his u9508….. 😦
      But he helped us with many very good roms!
      Please look at xda devs for roms/updates.

      Cheers batty 😉

      • But if batty make a laaaaast b804 rom…… Ö.ö dreams…… But maybe….NOPE 😦 but what if…… Really NOPE!!!!!

      • Without the phone, i just can’t. 😦 You can try this, but of course i haven’t tested it!

  23. could you make it so like the B709 rom?
    when you upload the b709 rom, since you had your cell phone sold
    but it runs very very good 🙂

    please make a B804 rom, and I test it and tell you if something is wrong …..

    thank you

  24. is it safe? I mean bugs, virus or elephants XD
    unfortunately can not speak Italian, and I do not understand what it says ….. I know google translator 🙂 but which is translated correctly f ****** bad;)

    if it does not work the rom without phone, I would understand it

  25. Hi.
    How do i changethe color of the menu from white to black ?

    Its realy inturrupt me with somekind of apps .
    I cant see actually all the apps that using the norification menu because its white.

    Picture -http://s28.postimg.org/dk34lhbal/Screenshot_2014_08_01_15_07_07.png


  26. Hola amigos. Quien me ayuda para que mi honor 2 navegue en h+ otra vez, es que antes cuando tenia la b703 navegaba en h+ y desde que actualize a la b709 de batty86 solo navega en h. Alguien que sepa del tema que me ayude… Gracias.

  27. hi,
    first of all thanks for your great work that totally refreshed my phone.
    I have on question in power Management which is the normal time remaining on the phone when is totally charged up?

  28. hey Batty,
    I Installed your ROM and now my device cant detect any WiFi networks…
    any ideas????

  29. I there gonna be any update to B804 Rom?

  30. Hi,
    I’m not sure if anyone still checks for new comments here, but I’ll try it anyway. I just installed this rom and everything is working fine, but I can’t get into TWRP recovery anymore. If I restart and press Vol. down it just gets stuck in the boot screen with the Ascend G615 logo. How can i get into the recovery again? Do I have to install a new one? What happens if you install another recovery? Is it even possible?
    Thanks in advance

  31. hey bro y abro el link que dejo en la pagina y despues que, ayuden me porfa
    modeli de mi smarphone es : u9508

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