Glad to be back with an unlocked bootloader 🙂

So it’s time to start from scratch to compile CM and Recovery from source.

This is a beta version with few small bugs but usable, and functional.

These are all the source files of the recovery:




  • backup modem partition
  • backup cust partition (Custom storage)
  • internal sd path fixed


  • flash zip from SD
  • backup
  • restore
  • mount
  • advanced wipe
  • battery percentage

What’s not working

  • USB mass storage is buggy, can’t umount from unmount button in TWRP (CRITICAL)
  • Can’t select other storage for USB mass storage (CRITICAL)
  • internal storage not recognised properly (MAJOR[update: SOLVED]
  • from phone off (battery empty), boot into TWRP (MINOR)
  • annoying selinux message in log “Failed to get selinux context: No data available” (TRIVIAL) [update: cannot be solved without implementing selinux in kernel]
  • long time booting (TRIVIAL)

Well as it is a beta let me know if something else is not working


Latest version:



surdu_petru – XDA
faust93 – Github


51 thoughts on “[RECOVERY] TWRP

  1. it is great i am waiting for your fixed versions… 🙂

  2. I try this version of recovery to backup, before I checked my status of bootloader using U9508Unlock_v3.exe, really unlocked. After loading a recovery I changed path to save backup on ext_sdcard. Backup is created in 5 minutes really to ext_sdcard. I compared size of backup with previous backup with previous revovery and I was surprised. Size of backup with your version is twice as large that wiht previous recovery (3,6 GB x 1,8GB). Other differences : different file name extensions /two files data.ext4.win000 and data.ext4.win001 x data.ext4.win/. I checked the log file and I found the following:
    Backing up System…
    I:parentDir: system
    I:tarDirs addFile ‘/system/’ including root: 0
    Failed to get selinux context: No data available
    I:tar_append_tree ‘/system/app’ as ‘/app’
    ==> tar_append_tree(0x42b63438, “/system/app”, “/app”)
    Failed to get selinux context: No data available
    This error message is for all folder ‘/system/’
    Previous log of previous recovery was ok, but dosn´t work recovery update data … crashed so when restoring the system
    I have HH2 with 2 GB RAM

    • So you are saying 2 things:
      1) Q. backup is larger //// A. you probably didn’t enabled compression of the backup image
      2) System partition backup is not working. //// A. I will have a look

  3. its nice! thx! but its boots into recovery very slow…..

  4. its impossible to flash a zip like rom or anything!

  5. when the phone is off (battery empty) and i plug in to the charge,its boot very very long and starts first twrp,must restart the phone than…can you look at that please?

    backup works really nice,and restore also
    i now its an first relese…


    • whats the best settings? there are many check boxes…. 😀
      when the bugs are fixed….then is that a f***** best recovery!!! thx

      who is the man? YOU!!!!

  6. when comes a new fixed version? please help us noobs…..we neeeed a working recovery(i now it works also)
    but haves bugs 😛

  7. ö.ö u r the best man!!!! thx a lot for youre time and work….

  8. what mean it with custom storage??
    and please fix the boot bug….

  9. Hey dude i have problems opening my honor 2 if u could help me i would highly apreciate.If we could tak on skype or sth pls.

  10. when comes out a new updated version??
    we all waiting for this…..pleaseeee!!

    • At the moment I’m working on CM10.1 main bugs, but I will be back soon on this. By the way, I consider it fully functional as I am already using it and is better than any other recovery so far 😛

      • i know it works really good but…. yeah but 😀 the long boooooot in to recovery makes mr crazy

      • it works really good but…. yeah but 😀 the long boooooot in to recovery makes me crazy

      • I know 😉 Let me finish working on cm then I will be back… I just upgrade my pc (new SSD) so I am moving all the stuff… BTW I am doing everything with a laptop

      • ok…thx 4 answer

  11. I have successfully unlocked my bootloader and I now want to flash this recovery.So what should I do? Flash it with the tool wich I unlocked the bootloader with? Also is it stable enough to use this recovery for normal everyday use? I just want it for the wipes and installs of my roms and kernels.Can it handle that? And one last thing, are you still developing it? Is it going well?

  12. hey mangusta86,batty sold her u9508! he cant make any roms more! please bro,dont give up to help us and dont stop the war with huawei! one hero is gone…..R.I.P….. only you can help us.

  13. What do you think,how long time needed for a working CM? I see the most things are working! YEAY! I can wait…..keep it going hero 😀

  14. Hi, I installed this recovery and the phone boot and stuk in logo, what can I do?, the phone not going to recovery mode.
    when I plugged the phone to computer (win8), the phone recodnize in device manager as “shuame Android Bootloader Interface”, but I can’t see any SD card or storage of the phone.

    Please Help!

  15. Hi, can I install rom’s with this app that come in “dload” folder with “update.app” file?

  16. so, what I need to do? re-install Chinese Recovery? if the answer yes, how I’m doing that?

  17. OK, how I re installed huawei recovery? do you have a link?

  18. can you please update the trwp please?
    or did you stop working on this?

    • At the moment I don’t have anything to commit… It works flawlessly, only annoying thing is the long time boot, but on the other hand, all the features are working, so what do you want more? Probably the long time booting will never be solved without kernel early debugging but I should work with oscilloscope and USB to UART… unless somebody knows another way

  19. any idea where i can find custom b804 rom? thx

  20. Hey Mangusta86,
    I’d really love to try out your CM 10.1 ROM. Therefore I want to install TWRP, but I can’t find a tutorial for it. Can you tell me how to install it?
    Thx a lot for your fantastic work!

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