[ROM] CleanROM B705 v1.1 by MoiZie

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This ROM is based on the official B705 update.

As you will see while installing this ROM you will face the customizable AROMA installer. With this little software that runs inside the recovery you won’t need to do a lot of customization to your ROM inside the chinese recovery.

Known Issues

You tell me…


Added Features in v1.1
Clock is fixed
Keyboard is fixed
Added Google KitKat 4.4 apps
Added Nexus 5 styles, including bootlogo

Added Features in v1.0
Removed some Theme settings / Themes
Added UI elements / sounds (from Cyanogenmod and MIUI)
GPS fix by LavX
Google Apps
Removed almost all unnecessary Chinese apps
Removed some unnecessary music samples and pictures
Matchnum=8 in build.prop (fix unrecognised numbers)
Apex Launcher
ES File explorer



cleanb705.zip (392.7 MB)

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18 thoughts on “[ROM] CleanROM B705 v1.1 by MoiZie

  1. What are the diferrences compared to B705 V2.1 BY BATTY86 except launcher?

    • Both b705 based with AOSP changes. I’ve added a global APN file, so you can have connectivity anywhere in the world, also the hosts file is bigger, so more ads are blocked. I’ve included some additional apps which I really like myself and probably left out a few that batty rom does include. Test them both and let us know what you prefer. 😉

  2. Moizie, thank you!
    But, if choose “default instalation” in aroma, installer made “mix” with old & new rom, without launcher.
    If “custom” – all OK!

    • Default installation doesn’t wipe anything. So if you don’t want to keep your old settings, you should choose custom and wipe.

  3. Does it have Huawei Backup?

    • No, but you can install that yourself if you really need it. I do recommend titanium backup though. Much more advanced.

  4. The application for recieving and sending SMS isn’t included. I can’t find it atleast. Didn’t I look goog enough? And is there perhaps a possibility to install/ include it?

  5. whats the name of the firewall?

  6. What is the deal with only one homepage? is it possible to have more without installing a new launcher?

  7. NM – figured it out 🙂 Thanks so much for the ROM

  8. Hello MoiZie
    Thanks for the great ROM, and the customizable AROMA installer is great
    how can I delete the old data under /mnt/shell/emulated ? /mnt/shell/emulated/Android/obb is 2.2G 😦

  9. Amigo a mi la pantalla se me quedo en negro sin launcher ni nada

  10. hice el proceso y se me ha quedado en el logo de huawei

  11. I used this rom to extract the GPS Fix, as the files Lavx hosted are not working.

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