[ROM] Mangusta-B550v1.1 with Aroma


This ROM is both a stock B550 as from Huawei and a custom ROM. So let’s just say that this could be a way to update your phone without using Huawei recovery, or install a nice and personalized ROM.

How is it possible? Let’s introduce the AROMA installer. With this little software that run over the recovery you won’t need to do a lot of passage to customize your ROM inside a chinese recovery.

So when you will select the zip to flash from Geno recovery it will start a graphic interface like the one in the next picture.


While you will be flashing this zip, it will be prompted to choose among 4 kind of installation. 

  1. DEFAULT – Will install minimal rom + gapps + SuperSu + tweaks + GS4 sounds
  2. STOCK – Will install stock B550 update as from DLOAD
  3. MINIMAL – Will install a minimal working system
  4. CUSTOM -Here you can personalize your ROM to your need

You won’t need to look for wipe options around the recovery menu, because I packed all the options in the AROMA installer.

And it is also multilanguage!!!

So let’s just say that you won’t need anything else that this zip to do all the operations that you were doing before.


Actually I didn’t do anything particular or very complicated… I just add multilanguage, fix the match numbers when receiving a call and fix some typo of Huawei developers.

Known Issues

  1. Browser uses BAIDU as default search engine instead of google (and you cannot change it so download chrome :-P)
  2. Launcher does not persist in memory


Moi Zie – For German translation, wipe data script and support 😉
Jkiper – Spanish translation
Mauronofrio – system partition structure
Богдан – Russian translation
ashvedov – Russian translation


Mangusta B550 – 1.1
Fix russian translation / AROMA
Fixed bug with custom install and GS4 sounds
Fix mounts and unmounts in updater script

Mangusta B550 – 1.0
AROMA Multilanguage almost completed
Added tweak for launcher, enabled PMQOS
Added Galaxy S4 sounds
add wipe internal sd / AROMA
move Huawei system app in cust partition / CUSTOM
add gps tweak (still don’t know if it’s working)

Mangusta B550 – 0.6
Other tweaks, build.prop, hwdefault.xml
multilanguage work in progress (italian almost done) /AROMA
Fixing Huawei Services and blob files
Removed french / AROMA

Mangusta B550 – 0.5
build.prop fix matchnum
hwdefault.xml default theme android, multilanguage
Delete kernel choice, use default B550 / AROMA
prepare other pages  for multilaguage / AROMA

Mangusta B550 – 0.4
Fix folder positions
Add wipe and Huawei icon / AROMA
prepare wipe and install page for multilanguage /AROMA
Fix Custom mode

Mangusta B550 – 0.3 
Fix mount points / AROMA
Add modem image
Fix permissions of Su only if installed / AROMA
Fix icons path / AROMA

Mangusta B550 – 0.2 
Add changelog
Removing unused themes / AROMA

Mangusta B550 – 0.1
First try, everithing new about Aroma and ROM folders


Latest Release

Mangusta-B550 AROMA V1.1 (866.1 MB)

old Downloads

Mangusta-B550 AROMA V1.0 (864.2 MB)

Mangusta-B550 AROMA BETA 0.6  (846.2 MB)

24 thoughts on “[ROM] Mangusta-B550v1.1 with Aroma

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  2. Chinese recovery can’t open it 😦

  3. Does it includes the GPU fix for games?

  4. How is the battery on this one? 🙂

  5. Ciao.è stabile? Grossi bugs? durata della batteria? Grazie

  6. works great thanks!
    does it also have agps fixed?
    really nice way to install a rom hope you continu developing this

  7. ciao vorrei sapere se è possibile cambiare lo sfondo del menù delle impostazioni generali cioè da bianco a nero ?

  8. hi, It is currently working with google now? it´s included in the Gapp´s?

  9. Does this includes an app drawer? Or its like emotion ui?

  10. ok, downloading! expect feedback soon! Thank you!

  11. i have noticed that temple run 2 runs much smoother even in best settings in b107 stock than a b550 and b630. why is that happening?

  12. hello,

    i cant install your rom. hinese recovery says verification failed or failed to open.

    I cant use my phone any more 😦

  13. bellissima , ottimo lavoro, per ora ho rilevato solo un problema: quando cambio la schermata di blocco dai temi.. non accade niente, mantiene sempre quella di default.

    Finalmente una rom ui a cui funzia la geolocalizzazione a rete !!

    a, forse la batteria consuma un pochino di troppo, ma ancora non mi sono messo ad ottimizzarlo !

  14. really good, been using it for a while as my daily ROM and is working perfectly, I just downloaded Holo launcher to get a bit of that vanilla flaver I like so much…

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