[ROM] Mangusta-B550v1.1 with Aroma


This ROM is both a stock B550 as from Huawei and a custom ROM. So let’s just say that this could be a way to update your phone without using Huawei recovery, or install a nice and personalized ROM.

How is it possible? Let’s introduce the AROMA installer. With this little software that run over the recovery you won’t need to do a lot of passage to customize your ROM inside a chinese recovery.

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Preparing the build environment for ROM building (UBUNTU 12.xx 64bit)


In this post I will show you how to prepare your Ubuntu 12.xx machine, in order to start building android from source. Obviously it is necessary at least 4GB of ram and some knowledge of the terminal.

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How to unpack UPDATE.APP from Huawei


Hi to everyone!!! Today I have just finished a script for making ROM development easier… I was trying using Android Kitchen from XDA-Developer and I was disappointed when there were the chance to unpack the UPDATE.APP of u8220 and not of our phone… So after few little changes now we have a good script 😉

So far we can unpack system.img perfectly and it is mountable too. For the other partitions it looks like we have some work to do. Cache, Cust and Userdata don’t mount, boot.img has some bytes at the beginning that I’m not sure what they are…
I completely fixed the fileHash but I probably won’t be able to fix the CRC check…

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ROM dump – make your own ROM part 1

Have you ever wondered what’s inside the ROMs of Sorex, LavX or Mauro?
Do you want to start building your own ROM from stock Huawei?

Maybe it’s time for you to get more into ROM development and start building your own ROM…
First Thing you should think is: can I trust the ROM developer is making the ROM?

So if you fear for the safety of your custom ROM, maybe it’s time to consider becoming a DEV 😉

In this first guide I’ll show you how to make a perfect dump of your ROM partitions that can be used also for recover from soft brick.
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